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Like others mentioned above, a profound thanks! Anyone know how to disable that so I can use that keystroke for excel? Thanks from Germany, Erich.

Thank you thank you. Look at all the comments over 2 years!

How to Start a New Line in Excel Cell – Quick Tips

See, we all achieve immortality in different ways through little acts of guidance and assistance. Thanks a ton. Just for a moment, consider how much time it took to offer this advice and then the resultant positive impact on so many people imagine the countless many that have benefited but did not write their thanks. This might seem to overstate this.. It is such a pain that Excel in Mac is so different from Windows.

I find the Mac version very awkward.

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Brilliant — I was being driven mad by this. Thanks so much for putting this here. You have saved thousands of people a lot of frustration. Really love being able to google a question and find a site where someone was considerate enough to post the solution. Life saver — I just pushed every button possible and still got nothing. Your site helped heaps. The firmware will include the option to unlock 30 exclusive levels of the Angry Birds Space game if the game is unlocked in the first three months after the update is released.

Another advantage that the Mac has is that you can increase your productivity when working on multiple programs because it is a lot faster and easier. Recently changed to MAC and not enjoying the frustration of all the different keystrokes!! This is going to be shared at our next team knowledge exchange…..

I see alot of people are having this problem, not just me…. It was so frustrating trying to figure out something that seems so simple as skipping to the next line within a cell. I think it was an inside joke by Microsoft played at the expense of Mac users. Darn Microsoft! I still love my Mac! Spent 15 minutes trying to figure it out hitting all kinds of combinations, googled and found you. Son of a gun! Thanks for this post. I agree with the previous commenter of … 5 years later, your post is still life saver!

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Thank you, thank YOU! Thank you very much!!! For ever this post would be helpful if mac still chose with this awkward combination of keys. I was going crazy not knowing how to do this so-very-often required feature of adding new lines to an excel cell on Mac. OMG, amazing! Thank you!!! I think I tried every combo but this one, haha. Thanks for this information, as did many others before me, I searched Microsoft help and could not find this information, even though I do it all the time on a Windows OS.

Thank you so much! Have been searching quite some time to figure this one out. Much appreciated. You just saved my life…. I have been going crazy and needed to get this task done ASAP.

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Your email address will not be published. Soo helpful. I was unable to find the answer in the Mac Excel help. This is great, Bless You. You are my best friend in the whole world, this has been driving me insane. Worked like a charm. Thanks for taking the time to post — it saved me plenty. Thank you so much. I will postpone running amok in Redmond with an ax. I was going crazy over this — thanks so much for posting — much appreciated!!! Thank you for not only figuring this out but also sharing it with the rest of us! Just the information I needed right when I needed it — thanks for posting!

Cheers Paul. I am looking for a solution to another requirement. I want different font formatting size and color for two sections of the label.

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Kindly advise if it is possible with formulas. I viewed your profile in Linkedin and have sent you request to join. Best Regards Faheem. Faheem, thank you! You can't change font formatting in a formula, but you could break the formula into multiple cells, based on the sections that you want coloured.

Then, link those to separate text boxes on the chart, and format the text box font.

How to start a new line within a cell | Office Hack

I have a formula that grabs data from page 1 in a workbook I have to create various printed results. C1 would be and DATA!

G2 would be C I want to insert a space between the C1 and G2 cells so that the result in the cell is this AB C I have text wrapping on. I've tried to insert the "CHAR 10 " into various parts of the formula. Any questions? Any idea? Try setting vertical format to Justify on the cells that will display this information. I am trying to combine multiple lines into one cell. I have a table with different commands A1 [copy tftp startup-config] B1 [ The cell should look like this: copy tftp startup-config I want all of this information vertically so that I can enter it into a Cisco switch.

I have pulled a lot of hair out. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content. The cursor is positioned where the line break should be added. Add a Line Break in a Formula It's not quite as easy to add a line break in a formula, but it's possible! Then, you'll see the line break in the cell, instead of the little square.

You read my mind!!! Custom formatting also has the advantage of maintaining the cell s as numeric values. Martin, You have to turn Word Wrap on for the cells you want to display multiple lines. Thanks Rick, I'd done that, that was the origin of my question.