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You should probably only do this if you need constant remote access to the computer. Next, scroll down to User accounts. To allow other users to log in remotely, click Select users to add their usernames. Finally, you need to grab a couple of pieces of info before you switch over to your Mac. This opens the network connection properties screen.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and locate the IPv4 address in the list. Make a note of this number. Microsoft also offers versions of the app for iOS and Android.

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In the dialog box that opens, type in the PC Name that you checked earlier. By default, User Account is set to Ask me every time. This means it will prompt you for a username and password each time you connect.

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You can add your password as well, for an automatic login. Click Save and you can connect. However, you might want to adjust a few other settings before you go any further. Click Show More to change your settings. This enables you to make certain folders on your Mac accessible within your remote Windows session. You can work on files stored on your Mac in a Windows app, or copy files between the machines. Sharing a folder in this way does not make the folder accessible on the physical Windows computer. Your PC must be turned on and awake, and connected to the same network as your Mac. The Remote Desktop app will list your computer, with a thumbnail preview, under Saved Desktops.

Double-click it to connect.

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Click OK. When your Mac establishes the remote desktop connection, your Windows PC will lock and switch to the login screen.

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If anyone tries to use the PC, your remote session will end. Unless you changed the setting, your remote desktop session opens in full screen. To use it in a window instead, move your mouse pointer to the top of the screen and click the green window button at the top-left. Using Windows through Remote Desktop is pretty much the same as using it on a dedicated computer.

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  4. One of the few changes—and a possible point of confusion—is that the app maps the keyboard shortcuts for cut, copy, and paste to the ones used in macOS, using the Command key. However, some other shortcuts continue to use the Control key as they do in Windows. There is literally hundreds of Remote Desktop software out there, many free and just as many paid clients.

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    The criteria we used to zero down these 5 Remote Desktop software boils down to which ones support all three operating systems at the same time. But we do love a challenge.

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    This is what we have come up with:. Teamviewer is hands down the most popular Remote Desktop client for remote support and remote management. No expert computer knowledge is required which makes it the perfect tool for most users. Setting up is as easy as ABC. They have a full version with a ton of features for power users such as file transfer, collaboration, online meetings, video and voice calls, chat, Wake-on-LAN and more.

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    From our observations through the free home version is adequate for your old-fashioned Remote Desktop needs. NoMachine has perhaps has the most beautiful user interface of all the Remote Desktop clients we have seen. Feature-wise, it goes head-to-head with Teamviewer that we are torn choosing which one we like more. NoMachine lets you securely troubleshoot problems, collaborate with others on projects, share files, and even record what you are doing. You can remotely access your software and also peripheral devices such as printers, scanners, flash drives and others and even print documents or do it on a local device.

    Corporations, scientific and research organisations privately and securely store their sensitive data on the cloud with centralised remote access management. AnyDesk follows the same script as NoMachine and Teamviewer down to the multi-platform-ness. You get the usual Banking-standard TLS 1. The setup file is only 2MB, believe it or not.

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