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This feature prevents the failure of the server process for a single client from bringing down all the served clients on the network.

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By having a separate process for each client computer, each user is effectively insulated from other users. The more users on the network, the more important this feature. Automatic Process Restart on Failure. In case a process should fail, the Service Controller restarts this process after a short time.

As EtherShare and PCShare spawn one separate server process per workstation user they set the user's credentials for this process so the process can only touch files allowed for that particular user. The operating system enforces the permission checks on a per process basis. These would all be nice places to visit — if you could guess their names!

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This is a typical example of the kind of problem that can arise with character set conversion. Our software is smart enough to save file names in the bit Unicode UTF-8 format which contains more than 65, characters. And this means there are no more riddles to solve — everything looks the way it should.

Acronym for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. This method, called dynamic address allocation, is less work for the system administrator, especially in large networks. You can configure this option with the PCShare Admin. Especially restoring files from a backup will trigger such an inconsistency.

HELIOS server products on Mac OS X 10.4 or Mac OS X Server 10.4

This allows you to arrange windows according to your individual taste, and have the arrangement retained between sessions. Software Version Control. The HELIOS product line consists of more than one hundred files containing libraries, applications, server daemons, etc. Each file has a unique name, with its own version number. This makes it easy to report individual server configurations.

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Job Previews Print your PostScript jobs to a PrintPreview queue and receive a pre-production preview on your monitor screen. Enterprise Server.

OS X Tiger 10.4 with PearPC 0.5 w/ DOWNLOAD LINK!

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Known issues are listed in Issues. Fixes 1. Latest commit e5e89a1 Apr 25, Install Mac OS X Install Mac OS X start the virtual machine since it is the first boot, VirtualBox will open a popup asking for the install media; select the Mac OS X install disk image wait some time for the boot to complete; the system might either immediately start or stay frozen for several seconds in a state like the one shown in the following image before getting to the UI; after a minute, if it shows no progress or if the console shows Still waiting for root device.

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