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The app is arguably the most widely used video player today. However, QuickTime can give this popular app a run for its money. The first thing you will love about the QuickTime app is the fact that it does not only play videos saved in your hard drives. It allows you to play an online video without the need to download them. You only need to provide the video URL, and the app will play it for you, as long as the video in the URL destination is in a supported format.

The app even allows users to stream live feeds in the same manner. With this, you no longer need to use large internet data to download your videos. Another thing that users will appreciate about QuickTime is its plug-in support. There 11 plug-ins available for the software that can extend its capabilities. From basic codec packs and audio visualizers to apps that let you view and interact with 3D objects rather than play a movie, QuickTime has a variety of extensions that could provide you a better experience.

The app also allows customized screen recording through trimming, rotating, splitting, or combining video clips. But perhaps what users will love most about the app is its ability to upload QuickTime movies to social networking and video sharing websites like Youtube, Facebook , and Vimeo. QuickTime is the default movie player for Mac , and it comes bundled with it.

Some versions of the app only run in Mac operating systems. Another thing you might want to consider before using the app is its limited functionality. As you browse the app, you will notice that there are features labeled as Pros , which are inaccessible if you are only using the free version. Among those functions is the ability to loop a section of a video, trim a movie, and combine movies. Additionally, while the app supports a lot of video formats, it does not cover all of it. So, if you attempt to play a video in a format that is not natively supported, such as AVI, the app will direct you to a web page and prompt you to download the codec which will allow you to play the said video format.

These additional plug-ins are perhaps the cause behind why the app uses more resources than most media players. More so, unlike VLC, the app does not automatically play the video when opened. Bottom line, QuickTime is a good app if you run a Mac operating system. More so, it can play a wide variety of video formats and even allows you to stream media content from various online sources. However, if you want to enjoy a good movie without worrying if the media player supports it, you might want to try other media players.

The Player may whisk you to the Moon or perhaps to an exotic location on this planet. QuickTime 7 Player takes advantage of the latest video compression technology. In Quicktime X all you can do is trim the video that I know of and not even close to Quicktime 7 options.

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