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Mac and Me (1988)

If you haven't seen one of Rudd's interviews on the talk show, the actor often answers a few fun questions before introducing an "exclusive" preview of his new project, only to present the exact same clip from Mac And Me over and over again. Said clip shows one of the main characters from the film going over a cliff in a wheelchair. Apart from these regular Rudd ribs, Mac And Me only tends to be referenced as a product placement-stuffed 80s cash-in, an oddity about a Mysterious Alien Creature ah?

Together, they try and reunite little Mac with his alien family. Unlike most bonkers '80s movies that boast rubber-suited hi-jinx, Mac And Me has never really been embraced as a cult classic, nor has the proposed sequel - which was set up at the end of the film - ever come to fruition.

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Way too many Troll 2 -esque bizarre things happen in Mac And Me for it to have attained latter day critical acclaim as well as a coveted spot as an object of scorn on Mystery Science Theater season It's supposed to be aimed at young audiences, but not only does young Eric go over the cliff in his wheelchair in the now-infamous Conan clip, he's later also killed in an explosion, only to be revived by the jovial alien family. It turns out that the alternate ending for the film was even worse, though, as Fantastic Fest film curator Peter Kuplowsky finally found "our generation's Zapruder Film" back in August in the form of an oft-rumored alternate ending that somehow made it into the Japanese version, where Eric is actually shot and killed in his wheelchair.

After years of doubt, indisputable proof that the kid from MAC and ME gets shot on camera in the Japanese release of the film.

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Paul Rudd and ConanOBrien need to see this. Later, Ballyhoo's Daniel Griffin joined the conversation, remarking that this ending was likely originally cut for Western audiences after a bad test screening, but it still somehow made it into the final film when it arrived on Japanese soil. While it resembles Southern California, it is definitely not, so the craft collects rock and soil samples.

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A family of quite aliens discover it, and are sucked up through its vacuum which is their one true weakness. The craft then takes off with the family, and is heads back to Earth. The aliens escape from a military base, but during melee, the youngest alien is separated from his family. He hides in a passing van, occupied by a wheelchair-bound boy named Eric Cruise, his older brother, Michael, and their single mother, Janet, who are moving to California.

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One day, Eric falls off a cliff, and he hurls into a lake while in his wheelchair — apparently just yards from his suburban Cali home. The little alien sees his plight, and he rescues Eric.

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Eric tells people the truth of what happened, but no one believes him. Eric sets a trap with the help of Debbie, because she is the only other person who sees the alien.

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