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Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Up to six family members will be able to use this app with Family Sharing enabled. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Description The Wireless Mobile Utility connects your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to Nikon digital cameras wirelessly via Wi-Fi , letting you download photos, take pictures remotely, and share them hassle-free via e-mail or upload to social networking sites.

Added iOS Made some minor bug fixes. Microsoft has been distancing Cortana from Windows for months.

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First, it split the virtual assistant from search in Windows Quakecon is underway and one of the first big announcements from the event is that the first three Doom Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Google got a lot right with the Pixel 3a. It has excellent cameras, reliable performance, respectable battery life and clever Leer mas Via:: Engadget.

The Guardian has learned from a source Leer mas Via:: Engadget. By most accounts, technology wreaks havoc on our sleep. Even tools meant to help us sleep better can make insomnia Leer mas Via:: Engadget. By Brent Butterworth This post was done in partnership with Wirecutter.

Regal Cinemas is the latest company to offer an unlimited movie ticket subscription service. The details of its new Regal Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Japanese decluttering extraordinaire Marie Kondo has inspired many to get rid of unnecessary junk in their homes. As it turns Leer mas Via:: Engadget. In March, Apple made a fuss over its plans to introduce a credit card. If you ever needed proof that Twitter has reached a natural ceiling for its user figures, then its second quarter Leer mas Via:: Engadget.

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The state of California and a quartet of auto manufacturers have agreed on a fuel efficiency deal in the wake Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Back in April, Australia passed a bill that seeks to punish social networks for failing to remove violent content from Leer mas Via:: Engadget. After completing zero of two launch attempts on Wednesday, SpaceX went two for two on Thursday. Its Dragon spacecraft is Leer mas Via:: Engadget.

If you want to collect monsters commonly associated with the villainous Team Rocket, you may want to put on a Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Boring Co. Kids and video games — rather than politics or makeup tutorials — are the most powerful drivers of traffic on Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Motherboard has learned Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Apple may ditch the butterfly mechanism keyboard on its laptops sooner than expected. Massive image up to inches on Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Hyper Light Drifter has arrived on iOS. Our Sun is quite literally a hotbed of activity.

There are some things man was not meant to do. Stars still have plenty of surprises despite or perhaps, because of advances in astronomy. The House has just passed a bipartisan bill created to put a stop to all the annoying and disruptive robocalls Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Nike has developed a new shoe technology for both casual and every-day runners. Today, the sportswear giant is taking the Leer mas Via:: Engadget. OpenTable Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Drivers of models and onward will get Leer mas Via:: Engadget. The social network has also agreed Leer mas Via:: Engadget.

The Federal Trade Commission has announced that Facebook will pay a massive fine after it bungled the use of its Leer mas Via:: Engadget. The organizing committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo have unveiled the designs for the medals. Traditional device makers Leer mas Via:: Engadget.

Netflix may have been in front of the curve when it came to video streaming, but the company has found Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Venues Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Sepsis where your immune system starts a chain of inflammation reactions is potentially deadly, especially if septic shock leads your Leer mas Via:: Engadget. According an internal Leer mas Via:: Engadget.

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Earlier this year, news reports exposed that not only did DoorDash and others, like Instacart sometimes lower its payout to Leer mas Via:: Engadget. The rumors of Huawei laying off a large chunk of its US staff have come to pass. Pandora is rolling out Voice Mode to all users today. While you may have used Pandora voice controls on smart Leer mas Via:: Engadget. The idea of small robots teaming up to form one giant robot is commonplace in sci-fi shows like Voltron, and Leer mas Via:: Engadget.

If a picture really is worth a thousand words, then great product photography needs to be at the top of Leer mas Via:: Engadget. In addition to releasing iOS But in places Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Starbucks is licensing its mobile ordering and loyalty program tech to Brightloom, which you might know more as Eatsa.

Yes, Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Nobody really knows — except those inside the company — what Apple has planned for self-driving cars, but it appears Leer mas Via:: Engadget. In an Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Which gaming camp are you in? Niantic has started Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Daimler has plans for self-driving trucks, autonomous taxis and cars that drive themselves on the autobahn. In a paper Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Microsoft is on the hook at home for alleged crimes abroad.

Remember when we said gaming laptops were going to get wild this year? Airbnb wants to make it easier to find work-friendly listings, and its solution is fairly simple. Before, the company would Leer mas Via:: Engadget. The N64 classic GoldenEye was a game that introduced first-person shooters to millions of new gamers, even if Leer mas Via:: Engadget. In one of the weirder artistic crossovers of the year, Grammy-award winning musician Sturgill Simpson is releasing an anime on Leer mas Via:: Engadget.

Gaming phones are a rare breed, and the nascent category has already proved to be too much of a challenge Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Those rumors of the Pixel 4 sporting hand gesture control just became more tangible. Ice Universe has obtained photos Leer mas Via:: Engadget. The Russian government is used to perpetrating hacks, but it just became a target — and the data says a Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Another Blizzard co-founder is stepping away from the company. Fans of The Expanse finally know when they can expect Amazon to continue the cult-hit sci-fi series.

The internet Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Hulu has announced that it will offer Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Media giants are embroiled in yet another fight over TV rates, and viewers are once again paying the price. Dueling superpowers, rival billionaires. Mixed reality technology Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Remember that time Equifax had a data breach and leaked an incredible amount of information — addresses, social security numbers Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Instead of another trailer, the Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Founder Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Drone company Parrot, maker of the Anafi 4K folding drone, is reportedly leaving the mini-drone market.

Parrot has been shifting Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Eddie Murphy might be better known these days for his work on the screen, but it was on the stage Leer mas Via:: Engadget. What better way to celebrate the Moon landing than to gather your family around the couch and relive the experience? Astronauts endure one of the most dangerous, high stakes, high stress professions on or off the planet — a job Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Twitter will soon do a better job of explaining missing tweets in your conversations. The social network is adding Leer mas Via:: Engadget. When Huawei trademarked its Hongmeng operating system last month, many assumed it was the long-rumored mobile OS that the company Leer mas Via:: Engadget.

Sure enough, Leer mas Via:: Engadget. After decades of speculation and nearly endless teasing, Chevrolet has unveiled the long-awaited mid-engined Corvette. Scheduled to begin production later Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Looking for another creepy feline CGI movie trailer? We got you. After years of promises, Londoners will at last be able Leer mas Via:: Engadget. The automaker released a video today with Leer mas Via:: Engadget. VFX artists had a go with the feature film Cats. Universal unveiled a full-length trailer today that gave us the Leer mas Via:: Engadget.

Sometimes during major online sales, too-good-to-be-true deals accidentally make it to storefronts. Often the retailer cancels those orders after realizing Leer mas Via:: Engadget. General Motors wants to make it easier for Chevy EV-owners to charge their vehicles at home. Customers will soon be Leer mas Via:: Engadget. The smart diaper wars have truly begun. Today, Pampers unveiled Lumi, an all-in-one connected system that includes two activity sensors Leer mas Via:: Engadget. X2 Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Fresh off its high-profile feud with Apple, Qualcomm is suffering more legal woes.

Remember when FaceApp went viral for all the wrong reasons? That happened again recently, though this time, the controversy became Leer mas Via:: Engadget. If Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Microsoft has been pushing its Xbox Game Pass service recently, adding new features and confirming it will be expanding to Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Instagram launched an experiment for Canadian users in April to try and find out whether hiding Like counts can benefit Leer mas Via:: Engadget. The tech giant has Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Microsoft is keen to show that its election security system is more than just a theoretical exercise.

Dropping A. Bio is never a good idea. Oakland, Calif. The city passed an Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Uber is taking its retail offerings up a notch.

The Nikon P900: The New King of the Superzooms

Last year, the company teamed up with Cargo to let drivers Leer mas Via:: Engadget. The murmurs of an upgraded Switch were true — although you might want to put hopes for a Switch Pro Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Earlier this year I was infected with the vanlife bug. Well, more like the overlanding bug in my case, but Leer mas Via:: Engadget.

Once again, G2A is being forced to defend its marketplace for digital video game codes and keys. Mike Rose, founder Leer mas Via:: Engadget. On the same day that Amazon announced plans to overhaul its business terms for its third-party sellers, the European Commission Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Merchants have reported Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Feel the need to work on your body? We have some expert advice on training Leer mas Via:: Engadget.


Modular synthesizers are having something of a moment right now. Even mainstream players like Korg are trying to bring them Leer mas Via:: Engadget.

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Japan has an ambitious plan to send men to the moon by as part of a multinational mission and Leer mas Via:: Engadget. According to Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Apple reportedly is looking to buy exclusive rights to original podcasts, reported Bloomberg. The company has reached out to executives Leer mas Via:: Engadget.

Apple is still working to plug the holes created by a security exploit recently discovered in video conferencing app Zoom. The raging debate has seen Leer mas Via:: Engadget. By the time this story is published, it will probably not be good running weather. You no longer need an iPhone if you want to bring an unlocked smartphone to Xfinity Mobile. The Comcast Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Yes, Tesla is still fiddling with prices — and whether or not you like it depends on which electric car Leer mas Via:: Engadget. The biggest problem with drones is their lack of endurance, but Swiss researchers have developed a new model that helps Leer mas Via:: Engadget.

Facebook has launched a new reporting tool designed to tackle scam ads.

Morning, there! When Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Respawn may have a particularly poetic way to exact justice on Apex Legends cheaters: give them a taste of their Leer mas Via:: Engadget. According Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Republican politicians are taking their allegations of tech industry bias to regulators.

You might Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Today, Amazon will start its fifth annual Prime Day, which has been expanded to 48 hours this year. Designed to Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Welcome to the latest episode of Upscaled, our explainer show where we look at the components and parts that make Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Unsurprisingly, most smart-home gadgets are fairly human-centric.

But what about all the furbags that live with us? Waze is adding another useful piece of information you may want to know before going a particular way. Qualcomm is shaking up its once-a-year approach to updating its flagship mobile processor, and it could be good news for Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Welcome to July 15th! For most of us, the summer has begun, so what better time to offer our new Leer mas Via:: Engadget. The system has Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Most attempts at giving robots muscles tend to be heavy, slow or both.

Scientists might finally have a solution Leer mas Via:: Engadget. The US military is about to try using robotic vehicles in a more aggressive fashion — the Army will start Leer mas Via:: Engadget. French President Leer mas Via:: Engadget. So much for VW keeping a tight lid on the ID. Auto Conspiracy and others have obtained a Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Now, Leer mas Via:: Engadget. NASA is expanding its efforts to bring 3D printing to space. India is on the cusp of making space exploration history in more ways than one, and you might get to Leer mas Via:: Engadget.

Make it indispensable to pro Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Warner Bros. G2A still has a problem with sketchy game key resales, to the point where developers like Mike Rowe have suggested Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Russia is back in the business of space observation after losing control of a radio telescope a the start of Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Computer security just lost one of its founders.

The AMD vs. To keep them Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Samsung is exploring the possibility of developing augmented reality glasses, based on one of its latest patent applications first spotted Leer mas Via:: Engadget. For the first time ever, physicists have captured an image of quantum entanglement. In a paper published in the journal Leer mas Via:: Engadget. The FBI wants to gather more information from social media.

Today, it issued a call for contracts for a new Leer mas Via:: Engadget. TrickBot malware may have stolen as many as million email accounts, including some belonging to governments in the US, Leer mas Via:: Engadget. The inevitable has happened for Facebook. After weeks of reports that the company was working to settle with the Federal Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Netflix announced plans for a second season of Mindhunter almost two years ago, and now it finally has a release Leer mas Via:: Engadget.

Jon Leer mas Via:: Engadget. North Carolina may be a future destination for a Hyperloop One transit system. The company and several transit partners are Leer mas Via:: Engadget. President Donald Trump kicked off his Thursday morning by doing what he does best: tweeting. Amid a sea of missives, Leer mas Via:: Engadget. YouTube is reportedly offering automatic downloads to its Premium subscribers. The opt-in feature should make it easier to watch content Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Filming is set to start soon on the upcoming Mortal Kombat reboot, which is in pre-production in Australia under the Leer mas Via:: Engadget.

Sure, Spotify has million paid subscribers, and Apple Music has 60 million. Apple has been snapping up big-name talents left, right and center as it gears up for the launch of Apple Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Shrimp and insect species that can see polarized light experience the world in a much, much different way than we Leer mas Via:: Engadget. A Porsche is, by design, a pure sports car. There is discussion of some mechanics Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Hulu has launched a new Live Guide showing which live TV shows are available to watch on the streaming service Leer mas Via:: Engadget.

Welcome to Friday! Some Google employees are apparently listening to a small percentage Leer mas Via:: Engadget. The PC market has been pretty gloomy of late, but global shipments went up by at least 1. Political campaigns will need cybersecurity to avoid a repeat of the presidential election, but are often strapped for cash. Last year, YouTube took to the VidCon stage to share new ways creators could make money. Google will soon unveil a refreshed News tab that places a priority on publishers, rather than headlines.

The company today Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Amazon announced today that is is planning on retraining one-third of its workforce to help ease the effects of automation. A new Nintendo Switch might be on the way. Boosted made its name by becoming the de facto electric skateboard. When rumors emerged that the company was working on Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Toyota is getting into the semiconductor business, partnering with auto supplier Denso to form a new company focused on chip Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Microsoft is taking its disdain for passwords to a new level. Apple has used the back-to-school season as an excuse to tidy up its laptop line, and one machine has been Leer mas Via:: Engadget.

Location tracking can sometimes mean the difference between life and death when it comes to calls. If you ring Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Apple has revealed its back-to-school promotions for this year, and they include a much longer trial period for students who Leer mas Via:: Engadget. The rumors were true: Nintendo was working on a new kind of Switch, and here it is. The Bloodhound supersonic car project might be all about getting from A to B as quickly as possible, but its Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Welcome to your Wednesday.

Those in the business of hosting videos created by the public need to have a solid copyright protection and claim Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Super Mario Maker 2 players are having a busy summer.

Nintendo announced today that players have uploaded 2 million courses Leer mas Via:: Engadget. The video conferencing firm Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Now that Instant Pot is virtually synonymous with pressure cooking for some people, the company behind it is turning to Leer mas Via:: Engadget.

Facebook is more diverse than it was six years ago, but the company admits it has a long way to Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Epic Games has added Air Strikes to the Fortnite arsenal. With the weapon, you can launch a canister of colored Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Mario World, has arrived a day Leer mas Via:: Engadget. It took years to become more than a concept, but the first all-electric Mini is official. Cuphead and Mugman are making their way to Netflix. Sharing files through Dropbox is not a new concept. For years, the company has made it pretty easy to share Leer mas Via:: Engadget.

Uber is adding a new ride option that aims to make your journey a more personal and relaxed affair. Uber Leer mas Via:: Engadget. The company has updated the Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Months after Amazon and Google ended their fight over streaming video, the official YouTube app is once again available on Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Tesla fans got excited last month after rumors of a Model S refresh started doing the rounds — a driver Leer mas Via:: Engadget.

A serious security flaw in the Mac version of conferencing software Zoom can hijack webcams, but also leave users vulnerable Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Space tourism company Virgin Galactic has announced that it will go public via a merger with an investment firm.

After teasing it earlier this week, Logitech has now revealed its new gaming headset, designed to help you sound like Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Good morning, there! Quip, the electric toothbrush company that seemingly sponsors every podcast, is expanding into dental care. The company has launched Quipcare, Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Gone are the days where free games equated to ropey puzzle games and knock-off clones of games that had a Leer mas Via:: Engadget.

Was anyone really asking for a mobile Dr. Mario game? That was my immediate thought when Nintendo announced Dr. Mario Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Welcome back to the Morning After. Facebook Leer mas Via:: Engadget. The second year of Destiny 2 is ramping down with Shadowkeep around the corner, and that can only mean one Leer mas Via:: Engadget. The European Union was quick to report online interference in its recent elections, but the system designed to catch that Leer mas Via:: Engadget.

Cities and companies might be turning away from facial recognition, but federal agents are embracing it — whether or not Leer mas Via:: Engadget. The iCloud website is handy when you want to check info from an unfamiliar device or just prefer to use Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Never mind using DNA to store data — there may be a simpler way to store info. Brown University Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Amazon is moving fairly quickly on its plan to deploy thousands of internet satellites. The company has filed for Leer mas Via:: Engadget. Korg Volca Modular synth review: As weird as it is affordable 17 August, YouTube Originals will be free to watch starting on September 24th 17 August, Al final, los datos masivos no eran tan masivos 17 August, Agenda vida digital 17 August, Nintendo will replace a newly purchased Switch with newer model 16 August, YouTube is testing paid online hangs with influencers 16 August, Amazon sent 20 order confirmations to the wrong people 16 August, Blocks ends its modular smartwatch project after running out of money 16 August, Google pulls 85 Android apps with particularly obnoxious adware 16 August, App allows citizen scientists to track monarch butterfly migration 16 August, Sticker sensor monitors your body using wireless power 16 August, A popular immigration bill is bad news for US esports 16 August, The best portable solar battery charger 16 August, Serious Bluetooth flaw leaves devices open to attack 16 August, Bose headphones review: The pursuit of perfection 16 August, Facebook pivots privacy failings into pop-up cafes 16 August, Facebook told staff but not users about single sign-on risks, says court filing 16 August, YouTube warns its copyright changes could result in more takedowns 16 August, Twitter is testing a filter for potentially offensive messages 16 August, Google is making it easier to shoot proper portraits on Chromebooks 15 August, Amazon is trying to make Alexa-enabled gadgets more fun 15 August, Instagram users can now flag false content 15 August, Dating app Ship lets friends find your matches 15 August, Smart homes are a broken mess and Nest wants to fix it 15 August, Google Assistant takes on the sticky note with assignable reminders 15 August, Google Nest camera users can no longer disable the status light 15 August, Disney and Charter have reached a multi-year distribution deal 14 August, New Amazon donation program gives unsold products to the needy 14 August, Scientists have even found microplastics in the Arctic 14 August, June promises to fix smart ovens that are preheating accidentally 14 August, Estudiantes argentinos viajan a China para capacitarse en inteligencia artificial y telecomunicaciones 14 August, Facial recognition tech misidentified 26 California lawmakers as criminals 14 August, British Airways is offering VR entertainment on flights 14 August, Massive biometric security flaw exposed more than one million fingerprints 14 August, Apple is reportedly in talks to let Siri play Spotify tracks 14 August, Twitter is finally working on search for DMs 13 August, Facebook admite que escucha y transcribe los mensajes de voz de Messenger 13 August, Back to school: The best TVs for a dorm and what to stream on them 13 August, Facebook paid people to transcribe Messenger voice chats 13 August, Google is working on a low light mode for Duo video calls 13 August, The Kia Telluride is surprisingly high-tech and stylish for a Kia 13 August, The co-founder of Masterclass wants people to try college courses online 13 August, Wonderscope uses AR to teach literacy and tackle bullying 13 August, Un impactante video con Tom Cruise y Seth Rogen muestra lo que puede lograr un deepfake 13 August, The Morning After: Tumblr has a new owner 13 August, Google faces yet another antitrust complaint, this time over job search 13 August, Second failure of ExoMars parachute test throws schedule in jeopardy 13 August, Senators want to know why Amazon Choice recommends junk 12 August, Adobes Fresco brings realistic painting to the iPad 12 August, Supercomputer creates millions of virtual universes 12 August, Objetivo 60mm.

ISO , f3,2 con el macro 60mm. Hay que decir, que el desenfoque es realmente bonito y suave, disparar con el 35mm a f1. Sin lugar a dudas ha sido mi objetivo preferido. Pero nadie dijo que lo bueno fuera barato. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Este sitio usa Akismet para reducir el spam. Recorte de detalle. Autorretrato — Febrero 21 febrero Revirao 8 noviembre at