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See more. Q: Does it work with iPad , 6th Generation? A: If your iPad has a lightning port. Q: is it compatible with new ipad pro Q: Will this work on Ipad Pro 3rd Generations? A: If you mean the I pad pro or any apple device with a lighting plug yes. I used it on my I pad pro the It worked just as good on my iPhone 8.

Depending on your need I found several apps to replace the need for one for my needs. Q: Can i transfer office documents from and to my ipad pro? A: It should work for that but I haven't tried. Q: Does it work with iPad 4th generation. A: Don't know. It works with my 4 year old IPad Air without a problem. Q: Does it work with generation 4 iPad.

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A: I am currently using it with iPad mini 4. Now you can transfer anything you want to and from both your iPad and your PC. I love these thumb drives The iPad needs a free App. Great drive with gb that you can use with usb for pc or lighting connector for your iPad. Finally a safe and easy way to save the pictures on my phone and iPad.

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After the update, the OTG was still working perfectly fine with my iPad. It is light weight and easy to put in my pocket. The transfer speed between pc and this USB drive is super fast.

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That is really surprise me! I can copy 3GB file in one minute.

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Skip to main content. Best wireless hard drives for ipad What makes these the best picks? Top Three Picks. See buying details. What customers said:.

Q: Can I use this on iPad? A: I use it on my iPad all the time.

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Upon opening the app, your photos are automatically backed up to the drive. You can then manage other content, be it movies, documents, or music. Out of the solutions I tested, I preferred the Leef app. Actually, I would love to see the company use the same app and expand its product lineup to include a wireless storage solution similar to the Wireless Plus or MobileLite Wireless G2.

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Since the USB port is built-in, you can connect the iBridge to your Mac to load it up with movies for viewing within the Leef app on road trips. SanDisk's iXpand has the same connectors as Leef's iBridge, but good luck not losing that little plastic cap that goes over the USB connector. The ability to back up photos automatically, stream movies from the drive, view documents, and listen to music is there, but so is another feature I greatly appreciate. That feature is contact backup. Another feature found in the iXpand app is option to require a passcode or Touch ID to access the app.

I was able to create folders, transfer content, and move items around within a few minutes of launching it for the first time without struggling to figure it out as I did with both the solutions from Kingston and Seagate. There are, however, quality solutions available. Each one gets its promised job done, and once you learn the various nuances of using the product, its downsides simply become manageable quirks.