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Because Cinema 4D users already create completely reflectance-based materials , their workflow won't need to change very much to achieve speed increases from Radeon ProRender at render time. For example - by default, the colour channel will not be active and inside the reflectance channel you will find a simple set-up of a base diffuse layer that in effect takes the role of 'colour channel', with a top coat with a physically accurate fresnel look applied.

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You can select a GGX shader or Beckman speculars and use a conductor metal fresnel preset — resulting in metal. It has existed ever since the reflectance channel was introduced at about the time of Cinema 4D's release But this is actually the first time that we have devoted our efforts to making it easier to work in this way. Now, if the proper PBR workflow is followed, it's pretty difficult to get a bad render. ProRender and similar types of pathtracing renderers tend to follow the laws of physics as much as possible.

For materials, that means the colour channel does not belong in a physically based workflow.

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It could be argued that this workflow may limit artistic expression. For the GTX card currently the only way to get one of these cards 'flashed' is by either sending it to MacVidCards, or buying a pre-flashed one from them. Note: The GTX whether it is flashed or not will only work with Yosemite, it will not work with Mavericks or earlier.

For the R9 x it is possible to 'flash' the card yourself. If you are willing to accept an older and less powerful Nvidia card it is possible to 'flash' a GTX ones self.

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Best graphics card for AE and C4D

I use cinema 4d R16 and need to update my graphics card to the best one available possibly. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. Also, do you think the intel cpus will see a price cut?

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I would love to buy the parts now, but I imagine I might be able to chip in a little bit more if the ik will see a potential price cut the i7 is currently euro on amazon, and the i9 is euro. With great optimism i would really hope to see the i9 around maybe eur, but my assumption is thats not gonna happen.

Hey undefined, Nice build you put together! You should wait for the release of Ryzen series and see how it does in independent reviews. I am very eager to see those benchmarks! Also very excited to see how the new Ryzens are going to perform!

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  7. Will definitely be keeping an eye on here to see the results! Not knowing about the CPU ecosystem, about how long should we expect to have to wait for more to become available? Hey Auroratrek, You are right! The new Ryzens offer great multicore performance, great single core performance and all that at great value. The problem really is currently that they are out of stock everywhere because everyone wants them.

    Same goes for many of the x Motherboard which seem to be difficult to get by. Thanks, Alex! Hey Auroratrek, Sorry for the late reply. I updated all of the Articles on this Site to include the new Ryzen CPUs, so you might want to take a look at the builds in this article. Thats it! The basic builds seem to recommend for one or the other, but both are important to me. The Intel i9 k seems to be a popular recommendation, and coming from a 7-year old Mac Pro Cinebench Any thoughts?

    So this might be worth waiting for for 2 more weeks. Hey Kevin, We are very excited for the new Zen Generation too! Happened to me a while ago. And when you say you are going with a big navi upgrade later on anyway, no reason to get the currently more expensive gpu necessarily. I work mostly in After Effects and C4D. Intel — Core iK 3. Hey Martin, Yes you will se a very nice bump in performance.

    Given that the 3,1ghz quad or is it 6-core? But those are just rough estimates. The build you mentioned with the faster working time and slower rendering would probably be most suitable for his needs. He was given his brothers gaming pc when he went overseas last year and that has been handling C4D fine — it just seems crazy to try and take something like that overseas on exchange if a laptop could do the same. Cheers, Kirrily. All good. Thank you! Hey Kirrily, Glad you found a Laptop.

    Building the best Cinema 4D Workstation Computer (Updated)

    I need something that can render fast, but nothing too complex since I am a One Man Studio. I need something that can last So what do you think? Can I render fast enough for a one man studio?