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Ask Different is a question and answer site for power users of Apple hardware and software. It only takes a minute to sign up. Command line tools like host name will correctly resolve the IP address, ping name will not resolve. There is a notable difference in the lookup order:. The ppp0 connection is the VPN connection. As you can see, two servers are connected and they answer correctly on the command line and in applications.

Installation guide for OpenVPN Connect Client on macOS

From the response times of the commands using the non-existing hostname foo. I assume ping runs into the 5 second timeout of the mdns resolver. So far I have not found a way of doing this. Disconnect VPN. Click OK and Apply. From now on , to connect to 3G, just plug your USB and wait until you have 3G coverage you will need to open 3G connectivity manager , but do not use the supplied connectivity manager to connect. And if it automatically connects, go to preferences and uncheck that tick. You need that manager only to turn radio on in the USB Dongle, nothing else.

If you click on "connect" on your 3G manager, it will overwrite configuration on your 3G interface and you need to repeat step 3 again. Then click connect.

VPN Setup Mac OSX High Sierra

If your 3G DNS changes unlikely you need to change it manually too. If something goes wrong and you cannot navigate you need to go through your 3G connectivity manager, click "Connect" and see what DNS are dynamically assigned… That will require you to go back to step 3 and reconfigure it.

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I had the same issue for long time, but now I had time to find a solution that works for me. They will be stored and used permanently.

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Now you have no access to the nameservers because they are secured by the VPN - you have to edit the server address of the VPN connection. Replace the host by the IP. Note: In general hostnames does not change, but IPs can. So if it's not working someday, do the steps again…. I'm not sure if what you are dealing with is different, but it worked with me. I have opened a bug report with Apple.

There set: DNS Names uncheck "inherit" and define the internal dns domain names, e. You can fix this by adjusting the service order of the network connections. Move VPN to the top of the list and the resolver order will follow. Sign up to join this community.

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There is a notable difference in the lookup order: connecting using WLAN: resolver 1 nameserver[0] : Connecting via UMTS: resolver 1 nameserver[0] : Any ideas welcome. Tata Tata 2 2 silver badges 5 5 bronze badges. Select your network service in the list on the left. Unlock the preference pane using the lock in the bottom-left corner. Click Advanced… and choose the DNS tab. This does not provide an answer to the question. If you see security warning, confirm that you trust the application by clicking " Open " button. If the client application ask you to make the changes, you need to provide your Mac OS X username and password not the email and password for StrongVPN account.

The credentials on the picture below are just an example, you should use your own. Click " OK " button when they are entered correctly. Then you need to log into the application, you need to use your email address and the password that you have created when you made the order. Again, the credentials on the picture below are just an example, you should use your own. Click " Login " button when they are entered correctly. The " Connect " button will change to " Disconnect ", VPN status will change to " Connected ", please also note the application icon on the top panel, it will be green.

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Click on the magnifying glass icon at the top right of the screen and the search field will appear. Type " strongvpn ", wait a bit and click on the yellow shield icon of the application in the list of results. Once the application launched log in if needed and then click " Connect " button. Locate the running connection icon on your top panel top right corner of the screen, near the clock - in the shape of the shield. Click on it and select " Disconnect ". This will open new window, wait for server list to load.